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How Much Do Websites Cost?

What your money gets you...

We don't have fixed prices for site design because every business is different.

But if you're looking for ballpark figures, here they are.


gets you one hour of our time. Our hourly rate is £42.64 + VAT, but for regular customers, we don't charge for an hour - sometimes you'll need a quick change to your site and we'll do five or ten minutes' work. If that's the case, we'll put five or ten minutes on the timesheet and tot up the minutes at the end of the month. We won't charge you for an hour until we've worked for an hour.


gets you a year of Starter hosting for your website, plus five email accounts, at entry level. Our Advanced business hosting package costs £9.99 per month and we have a Professional hosting package for £29.99 per month. We also offer bespoke hosting deals for more complex business-critical websites, including VPS hosting for £99.00 per month. (All amounts are exclusive of VAT). See our website hosting page for more information or give us a call.


buys a plain English Search Engine Optimisation Health Check Report for your website - there are companies out there that will charge you thousands for SEO and we're not saying it's not worth the money, but you'd be amazed at what can be done in a few hours.


gets you a great-looking business start-up website. We'll take your logo, photos, artwork and text and turn them into something that will help open up your business to new markets so you can start earning the money you need to develop and grow your business.


gets you a website with ecommerce functionality - a working retail website with integrated shopping trolley and credit card payment gateway that allows you to control and categorise the product catalogue and allows customers to log in and check the status of their orders in real time.

£1,500 - £6,000

gets you a complete web-based business, designed and developed by a team of experienced website professionals precisely to your requirements. This might include integration with your stock control systems and invoicing, multiple currencies and languages, a built-in customer relationship management system and integration with third party systems such as manufacturers and distributors. Every site like this will be completely different, so you're really going to have to pick up the 'phone and talk to us for a clearer idea on price.

Ask us about web design, web and email hosting, ecommerce, content management systems (CMS), copywriting, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, graphic design, social networking, mobile-friendly (responsive) web design or any other aspect of doing business on the internet.

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